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01 May, 2006 - 9:56 a.m.

Dear Ones,

Many of you have heard me talking about my involvement with Habitat for Humanity and the 500 or so people I am planning to feed the first week of June. It is all part of a national Home Builders Blitz 2006, South Hampton Roads (SHR) Habitat will partner with local builders and our Habitat volunteers to construct 10 single-family Habitat homes in the Brighton neighborhood of Portsmouth during the week of June 5 - 10, 2006. To expand the impact on the neighborhood and enhance the community development aspect of the project, the Habitat project will also include a community clean-up effort, streetscape and landscaping plan for the 6-block redevelopment area, minor repair and landscaping assistance for low-income owner-occupied homes by community organizations and volunteers.

Among the local builders that are participating by donating both labor and materials are: Associated Contracting Services, Balance Builders, Dragas Management Corporation, Garcia Development, John Hall Electrical, Manning Construction, Sasser Construction, TechCon, Waverton Associates, and
VIRTEXCO. WVEC-TV Channel 13 and Max Media are our media partners.

We have sought and received donations of materials, financial resources and services from many members of our local business community. We are getting substantial donations or discounts from Ferguson Enterprises, Stock Building Materials, Masco, Kohler, Square D Valspar, Whirlpool, and
Yale. For more information on any of that check out:

All these people need to be fed. Donations are being solicited from a variety of places for both food and beverages companies. I will need 20 volunteers at any given time of day for Food distribution. The church that will be the base of operations is small enough that more than that will have us crawling over each other. I am thinking less than that, like 10 is the absolute minimum per day.

Kids under 16, wanting to help, I'd like to use for the division of the recycling and food trash outside the church and not food handling. I am guessing that the families themselves will be helping some at the actual house sites with clean up of debris and such there.

The hours, Mon-Fri, are 6am - 9pm on June 5-9, 2006. People can sign up for a whole day at a time or any part of a day. No one will not be outside all day nor will be they be standing the whole time. And yes, they'll be fed like everyone else.


If you got this twice, my apologies. If you know of others who might be interested, please pass it on. Thank you.

Wishing you peace in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life.

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